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Potential disclosure of session cookies via header reflection

Affected product(s)

  • Gradle Enterprise 2017.3 - 2020.2.4
  • Gradle Enterprise Build Cache Node 1.0 - 9.2



Related CVE ID(s)


Unrestricted HTTP header reflection in Gradle Enterprise allows remote attackers to obtain authentication cookies, if they are able to discover a separate XSS vulnerability. This potentially allows an attacker to impersonate another user.

Gradle Enterprise affected application request paths:

  • /info/headers
  • /cache-info/headers
  • /admin-info/headers
  • /distribution-broker-info/headers

Gradle Enterprise Build Cache Node affected application request paths:

  • /cache-node-info/headers


The issue can be mitigated by upgrading to:

  • Gradle Enterprise 2020.2.5
  • Gradle Build Cache Node 9.3

Or alternatively by blocking the above request paths.


This issue was responsibly reported by Compass Security.